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Hühoco Germany

Your development partner for brake components.


Hühoco ANT & Horiba 'Brake Test Centre’ - ‘BTC’

Hühoco founded the ANT "Advanced Noise Technologies" Group in 2014 as part of tapping into new markets. ANT's goal is the new and further development of brake components with a view to improving the vehicle's brake acoustics (NVH).

ANT commissioned a technology centre with the required test equipment and simulation methods in the Rhine Main region for this task at the start of 2016. ANT runs the BTC in Flörsheim am Main together with its cooperation partner HORIBA Automotive Test Systems (*).

ANT has access to all resources within the Hühoco Group and also has a exceptional spectrum of material development capacities. Hühoco has already been developing, producing and selling numerous products within the brake industry for many years.

(*) HORIBA Automotive Test Systems is a leading company in the field of motor, transmission, brake and vehicle test benches, wind tunnel balances and exhaust gas analysis systems. Besides it being a global market leader as a supplier of emission measurement technology, HORIBA ATS offers its clients complete turnkey solutions.

With the BTC, ANT is a fully fledged development partner and offers the following services, among others:

  • NVH and performance tests on our fully air-conditioned test benches in accordance with all test procedures commonly conducted on the market
  • - Environmental simulation system
    - Water and spraying system
    - Static brake tests with add-on drive
    - DTV measuring system
    - Residual torque measurements
    - Temperature telemetry with 4 channels
    - NVH noise measuring system
  • Producing test bench recordings
  • Modal analyses
  • Laser vibration analyses
  • Material damping measurements
  • Compressibility measurements
  • Corrosion tests
  • Testing material properties, e.g. on steel, rubber or adhesives
  • Targeted material development based on client requirements
  • Prototyping
  • Series production
  • Tool making
Hühoco ANT Standort
BTC Flörsheim


Hühoco has set a target of achieving a leading position in the niche markets in which it is represented and of setting the standards in quality and technology.

The certifications help us to constantly put our business processes to the test. Our customers' requirements are in a constant state of flux, and we make improvements and adaptations to them flexibly and rapidly. The quality of our service is our overriding principle.

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