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A strong partner in Asia.


Hühoco China: "A strong partner in Asia."

Hühoco China Composite Materials Ltd. is a joint venture between the Hühoco Group and Baofeng Automotive Ltd. The company Hühoco China, in which the Hühoco Group has a majority shareholding, was opened in DongYing in mid-2015. We have consolidated our many years of experience from the USA and Europe here and designed and set up the group's most efficient line. With a maximum width of just under 800 mm, this line has also the largest individual capacity within the group. We now operate eight coil coating lines within the group.

The new employees were trained intensively by subsidiary staff in Europe, USA and Brasil as well as on site while the plant was being built. The production process is continued to be constantly supported by personnel from subsidiary plants in the beginning stages of the new plant and this continuous support is gradually scaled back as know-how and experience with the local staff is increased. We have taken this approach with the new openings of all our other plants and it is a tried and tested strategy.

We ran a single shift operation from August 2015 and then a two shift operation round the clock from November, from March 2016 we are running at full production operation with three shifts five days a week.

In June 2016 we passed the ISO certification, all our plants are certified.

Despite being so new, Hühoco China is a strong partner for our corporate group in Asia. Supported by employees from all over the world, combined with expert personnel with profound experience on the market from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, we have become a veritable partner here for local and international clients in no time at all, with "Quality – made in China".


Hühoco has set itself the targets of achieving a leading position in the niche markets in which it is represented, and of setting the standards in quality and technology.

Certifications help us to put our business processes constantly to the test. Our clients' requirements are in a constant state of flux, and we make improvements and adaptations to them flexibly and rapidly.Service quality is our overriding principle.

Only through change can we become better. We predominantly use best-practice methods as part of this approach.

Logo CERT 16949

Huehoco China was ISO certified for the first time since its inception in June 2016.