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Coil coating for South America.

Hühoco do Brasil


Hühoco do Brasil. Coil coating for all strip widths.

Hühoco do Brasil in Nova Odessa is a young member of the Hühoco Group. We have been producing locally since 2008. The shared extensive knowledge and experienece within the Hühoco network of companies provides a direct benefit to our product development and processes.

The site in Brazil has a coating capacity of 10,000 tons per year.  The company has 1 coating line, 2 spooling lines, and 1 slitter.


Hühoco’s  goal is to be the leader in the niche markets in which it particpates and setting the standards for quality and technology. Service quality is our overriding principle.

Certifications help us to put our business processes constantly to the test. Our flexibility and speed allows us to make improvements and adaptations for our customers' changing needs.

Only through change can we become better. We predominantly use best-practice methods as part of this approach.



Like all our sites, Nova Odessa also undergoes continuous auditing and is ISO 9001-certified.

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