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Hühoco Germany

Metal coating in Wuppertal for more than 100 years.

Hühoco Germany


Hühoco Wuppertal. A pioneer in coil coating.

Hühoco GmbH, based in Wuppertal, has been coil coating different metal strips for 80 years and has developed into the leading solution provider in various industrial sectors.

150 employees refine approx. 1 billion metres of metal strip here every year. This corresponds to a coating capacity of approx. 40,000 tonnes of strip, predominantly aluminum, stainless steel and a whole range of different cold strips.

These are produced in different dimensions (our smallest finished width is 1.2 mm) in spooled or unspooled versions and leave the Wuppertal production site to be used in a whole variety of sectors from veterinary medicine to electronics, the food industry and automotive industry.


Hühoco's goal is to be the leader in the niche markets in which it particpates and setting the standards for quality and technology. Service quality is our overriding principle.

Certifications help us to put our business processes constantly to the test. Our flexibility and speed allows us to make improvements and adaptations for our customers' changing needs. Only through change can we become better. We predominantly use best-practice methods as part of this approach.

Like all our sites, Wuppertal undergoes continuous auditing, and is ISO/TS 16949-certified.