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Hühoco Germany

A global player in the processing of steel products.

Hühoco Gruppe


The Hühoco Group. A global player in refining metal products.

The Hühoco Group offers its clients an extensive product portfolio which ranges from the manufacture of cold strips, developing paints for the coating process, producing colour concentrates for plastics, the coil coating itself, through to lancing and stamping  processes and the manufacturing of parts in punching and on our multiple Bihler presses. In addition, the Hühoco Group has expanded its product portfolio; with the development and production of noise & damping materials (Anti-Noise Technology) our coated metal strips find another use.

Hühoco Group products can be found in more than 30 industrial sectors all over the world from the automotive industry to human and veterinary medicine to the electronics industry. Our clients appreciate our variety of products, our quality and our quick, creative and economical solutions. They benefit from our network that enables a global exchange of experience and intensive customer support.
The Hühoco Group employs more than 1,100 staff at
21 production sites in Germany, France, Canada, USA and Brazil,
Mexico, China and Korea. We ship into more than 40 countries. By networking all the companies, the Hühoco Group offers cross-industry system solutions.

Together strong

We are a family-run group of companies, and we regard ourselves as a partner to our employees and their families. Together, we develop innovative products for our customers – worldwide and for a wide variety of industries.

We constantly find creative and sophisticated solutions that produce a sustainable benefit for our clients.
For us, it is important to give freedom to the people who work with us. We encourage individuality and therefore every single individual's personal development. Working at Hühoco means being part of something greater. Solutions are developed in a team and our company's network.

Environmental policy of the Hühoco Group

We develop and manufacture products that enable others to produce successful products which fill customers and employees with pride.

Exactly in line with our brand promise:


This includes, in particular, that we feel obligated to economical use and conservation of resources.

This applies to all of our manufacturing processes as well as our products. We already start thinking about the possible impact on our environment as early as product development. It is our objective to avoid or reduce environmental impact to a minimum - beyond what is required by applicable regulations.

With this in mind, we have established the following guidelines:

1. Assurance of compliance with laws and conservation of resources
We work continuously on reducing the environmental impact as well as the consumption of energy and resources beyond the requirements of statutory regulations.

2. Improvement of the emergency response organisation
We take all necessary measures to prevent damage to the environment.

3. Reduction of environmental impact and aspects
The environmental impact and aspects are determined, assessed and reduced as much as possible at an early stage in product and process planning.

4. Improvement of environmental management
We strive to improve the environmental management system continuously.

5. Responsibility for environmental protection
Every employee is responsible for acting in an environmentally conscious manner in their area of responsibility. It is the task of management to promote a sense of responsibility for environmental awareness at all employee levels continually.

6. Expectations of interested parties
We shall provide all relevant information needed for active and constructive cooperation with company-relevant stakeholders, for instance, agencies and the public.

7. Control by key indicators
Our environmental management ensures that our environmental policy is implemented effectively. The technical and organisational procedures required for this are reviewed regularly and refined continuously. With this in mind, environmental goals are formulated and implemented on a regular basis.

Version dated: 29 November 2017