Corona-what we are doing!

HUEHOCO GROUP and its worldwide executives are putting into place measures within the scope of our possibilities to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers and everybody connected to our Group in the face of Corona.

In the various countries, there are different consequences depending on the circumstances: may it be a separation of administration and production, a division of teams, home-office, renewed hygiene training, provision of disinfectants, massive restrictions or even a ban on external visitors, travel bans, ... and many more.

Our special gratitude goes out to the production teams at our sites all around the world who cannot stay home.   Thanks to their tireless, personal dedication, production for our customers can currently be maintained at almost all locations.

We appeal to all who are reading this:  Please comply respectfully with the various health and government regulations as well as those put into place by your management.  Take care of yourself and others.  Help those at risk wherever you can. AND.....stay healthy!

We are firmly convinced that -together- we will emerge from this crisis even stronger than before.