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As a specialist in industrial surface finishing, HUEHOCO offers customized solutions for a wide range of industries. What is special about this is that we always take a proactive approach to our work. We work closely with our customers from the outset to understand their specific requirements and develop innovative solutions for them or adapt or optimize existing solutions.

To achieve this, we provide our customers with comprehensive technical advice, the best material selection, intensive application testing and continuous support throughout the development process. If necessary, we can also access the other companies in the HUEHOCO Group at any time during this process and benefit from their expertise – whether it is in the areas of production, coating or stamping.

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Crucial to successful development work is our own research department, which has many years of experience in coating technology. Through continuous research and development, we always stay at the cutting edge of technology here and drive innovation. Our experts are able to identify the trends and requirements of the market and develop customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

By the way: An important aspect of our development work is that we attach great importance to the issue of sustainability. We are actively committed to environmentally friendly solutions and develop, for example, solvent-free coatings wherever possible.

Water-based coatings for coil coating processes

The breakthrough

Until now, water-based coatings could only be used in the field of wall paints. But now Huehoco has achieved a breakthrough: We have developed water-based coatings that can also be used without problems in the coil coating process.

While up to 70% of the total volume of conventional coatings normally used for coil coating processes consists of solvents, water-based coatings have only 5 to 6% organic solvents. And that makes them much more compatible for people and the environment, and significantly reduces the potential for health hazards.

As a final test, our new coatings were used for flaps in the loose-leaf binder. The result was clear: the water-based coatings have no negative impact on the quality of the tabs – a significant step toward sustainability and environmental protection in the coil coating sector.

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