We make products proud

This vision expresses the essence and uniqueness of our group and conveys what defines us and what will be defining us in the future.


Who are we? What are we? What are we like?

Corporate philosophy, values and mission statements - what do they tell about us?  Is something being imposed on people or are we truly living what we communicate? Perhaps you don't always have to meet all the requirements at all times and in every situation. But there must be a shared goal!

A common code of conduct to which we can align ourselves. A clear vision of the values, the decision-making processes that will continue to shape our HUEHOCO GROUP in the coming years and accompany it on its path into the future. 

We would be pleased to take you along on this path.

Our values

We define ourselves, our aspirations and how we treat each other through our values – may this be within the company or in relation to our entire environment.



Respect - for all living things and resources on our planet.



Actively abandon accustomed ways, think in different patterns and take responsibility for your own acts.



Solution-oriented thinking, paired with determination towards a positive attitude as well as high reliability.

Our Mission

As a company, we have set ourselves goals that are reflected in our mission statements.  They answer the question of our identity in the market. Our strategic goals have to be aligned along those mission statements.

As a financially independent, family-owned manufacturing company, we are our customers´ number-one partner. Ensuring their success is our responsibility which we acknowledge through absolute determination to solve even the most complex problems. Combining entrepreneurial spirit with professional speediness as well as expertise, we are creating added value and trust in our markets.

So that each and every one of our colleagues can say: