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Advanced Noise Technologies.

Precision, quality and flexibility are reflected in forward-looking NVH solutions. Shims have a significant influence on braking passenger vehicles quietly and therefore ensuring customer satisfaction and driving comfort.

Advanced Noise Technologies NVH products are multilayer coating systems based on steel and viscoelastic materials that absorb the vibration energy while braking and emit it in the form of heat. The required components are selected specifically for the application to achieve the best results under cold & warm conditions at all times.

With decades of experience in developing and producing coating layer material systems for brakes, we have earned a high level of trust in the global automotive sector as a development partner with innovative drive.

Thanks to modern multifunctional coating lines and an engineering network in Asia, Europe and America we ensure the best product quality and short delivery times for our clients.

We define the right product for OE, OES and the aftermarket with our clients using different applications for brakes. This applies to both shim applications and anti-rattle springs.

ANT is resolutely pursuing the zero noise trend with its partners and clients. ANT operates a NVH TechCenter in Flörsheim, Germany with our partner Horiba, a world class manufacturer of NVH and noise dynometers. With our partner Baofeng Automotive in China and through service agreements with Link in the USA we globally offer engineering and development services to the automotive brake system industry.


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