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Coated punched parts

In general, the metal components required for manufacturing rubber/metal parts are produced by conventional means, ie punched and coated as finished parts in a secondary process. HÜHOCO offers you punched, bent, formed or deep-drawn parts coated with bonding agent on one or both sides, which can be input directly into the vulcanisation press or the automatic injection moulding machine. All common rubber blends (NBR, EPDM, SBR, ...) and plastics (PVC, PP, ABS, PA, ...) can be connected, as can special materials such as silicone. HÜHOCO also develops and produces its own adhesive bonding agents, which means bonding systems can be developed for special needs and purposes.

Our punched parts can be used in all rubber/metal or plastic/metal parts, such as:

  • Vibration damping elements
  • Spring elements
  • Stabilizers
  • Function parts
  • Modules

Use the advantages offered to you by the HÜHOCO Group with its high level of integration!



Product examples