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Coil Coating

Coil coating involves the application of an organic coating to
a metallic substrate strip in a continuous process. The end product combines the properties of both components and can be processed across all kinds of industries. We deliver our products into more than 30 industries, from veterinary to consumer products to automotive to electronics and many more.

The Hühoco portfolio includes metal strips coated with bonding agent for rubber (NBR, CR, EPDM) and plastics (PU, PVC, ABS, CAB, PP), anti-contact adhesive coatings, lubricant coatings and decorative coatings as well as rubberised metal strips (FBM, NBR).

Our company uses all the aluminum alloys, stainless steels, steel grades and non-ferrous metals available on the market. The thickness range is between 0,2-1,5 mm, depending on application and alloy.

At First American Resources, based in Atlanta, we also offer an innovation for decorative coatings with so-called parallel coating where two colours are applied simultaneously on one side. On the same machine, partial coating on adhesives for automotive purposes are applied.

We offer all our clients spooling lines with a volume of up to
100,000 metres of metal strip per spool. This further development offers our clients a considerable advantage. Labour intensive set-up times and machine downtimes are avoided and plant running times are increased several times over.

We offer coil coating processes at the following companies:

  • Hühoco GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany
  • HFP Bandstahl GmbH & Co KG / metal strip refining, Bad Salzungen , Germany
  • HÜHOCO do Brasil Fitas Metálicas Ltda., Nova Odessa, Brazil
  • First American Resources, Atlanta, USA
  • Hühoco(China)Composite Materials Co., Ltd, Dongying, China

Thermo-reactive bonding agents

Rubber/metal connection

Our bonding agent structure ensures a firm connection between our substrate material and your rubber. With our expertise, we are capable of bonding almost every material.

e.g. FPM, NBR, CR, EPDM, SBR, etc.

Plastic/metal connection

Irrespective of whether it's PU (polyurethane), PVC (polyvinylchlorid), ABS
(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate), PP (polypropylene) and modified PP products or other thermoplastics, we ensure that you achieve optimum adhesion between plastic and the substrate material.

Anti-contact adhesive system

Especially through our research and development work, we have succeeded in creating a permanent anti-contact adhesive system based on Teflon which has the necessary deep-drawing properties. Applications include bakeware, for example.

Lubricant coating systems

This coating system is predominantly used for coating cold strip, but can also be applied to other metals. Another form of lubricant coating is anti-friction coating. This system is applied in the last working step, and offers particularly good lubrication and heat-resistant properties.

Decorative coatings

Decorative coatings are used wherever it is important to have an appealing, decorative surface, for example in the construction sector (trim coil), in office organisation, interior decoration, veterinary medicine, labels, roofing and other niche segments.





Finished coated coils

Finished coated coils
Finished coated coils
Finished coated coils

Product examples


Product examples


Strip coating on our narrow-strip painting system at First American represents an innovation in decorative applications. This is a coil-coating process in which we are capable of coating freely defined strip widths, like stripes. You can choose from all coil-coating paints and input materials in our product range. This results in a significant uprating of the product, and gives you access to a large number of innovative applications.

The system is capable of complying with even the tightest tolerances, and meets even the most exacting quality requirements.



Final product external decorative strip

Our rubber-coated metal strips are used in numerous applications, such as engine and gearbox seals. As well as NBR, we also coat metal strip with EPDM and FPM in coat thicknesses of 10 – 500 μm.

The strips can additionally be provided with a lubricant coating for extremely good sliding properties.
These systems are also used wherever parts made of metal strip with sealing, noise insulating, or also vibration damping characteristics are sought. The special thermal loading capacity and particular suitability for automated production is important to a variety of applications. The very good bond between the elastomer and metal, connected with excellent deep-drawing capabilities, reveals the superiority of this coating.


Example of the seals finished product

Example of how the finished product is used

Economy by spooling

Our tasks also include shared process optimisation with our customers – for efficient production. Our spooling lines are a good example for cooperation and continuous ongoing development:

  • Strip widths up to 60 mm
  • Extension of the running length up to 20 times of a coil
  • Individual spooling width from 100 to 400 mm
  • Spooling weights up to max. 2,500 kg


Spooling line

Finished spools:

Finished spool
Finished spool