Cold Rolling

State-of-the-art technology and extensive knowledge in the processing of steel characterise our location in Bad Salzungen, Germany.

For us, performance means a wide range of cold-rolled steels of the highest quality at competitive prices, flexibility and a high degree of readiness to deliver while adhering precisely to the specified chemical and mechanical values.

Surface finishing by electrolytic galvanizing and/or subsequent customisation of your goods are possible for us. We offer all our customers spooled materials with volumes of over 200,000 metres of metal strip per spool. This further development means a considerable advantage for our customers. Personnel-intensive set-up times and machine downtimes are avoided.

All cold rolling process steps - from thickness reduction and heat treatment to post-rolling and subsequent finishing - are perfectly coordinated and are continuously monitored by our quality and process management system. Our rolling mills - equipped with state-of-the-art technology - guarantee production of consistently high quality.

The heat treatment of the steel is decisive for the material properties of the end products. In contrast to more static hood annealing, our roller hearth annealing furnaces enable continuous homogenisation of the metal structure.

With our production processes, dedicated employees and reliable suppliers, we are able to meet the constantly growing market requirements while maintaining environmental standards.

Classic cold rolled strip

Cold rolled strip is used in a variety of applications. It meets high demands on forming behaviour, dimensional tolerances and surface finish, which offers our customers decisive advantages!

HFP cold rolled strip is ideally suited for all stamping, bending, drawing and deep drawing purposes. From ball bearing housings to roll cutting and punching strips, hose clamps, headlight reflectors, electrical equipment, office supplies and tubes to safety parts of all kinds, a wide variety of components can be manufactured for various industries.

  • DC 01, DC 03, DC 04 according to DIN EN 10139 / mild steel - St 37/ special grades on request
  • Depending on the customer's requirements, we supply treatment states from LG to C690.

Case hardening steel

This material group comprises C-steel with low carbon content, good formability and fineblanking quality. Due to case hardening, the components have low-wear surface layers with high hardness and sufficient toughness in the core. They thus combine numerous properties and application possibilities in a wide variety of industries. To increase the wear resistance, you can also carburize or carbonitrate partial areas.

  • C 10 E, C 15 E /➔ according to DIN EN 10132
  • Depending on the customer's requirements, we supply treatment states from soft annealed to high cold solidified.

Heat-treatable steel

This material group stands for breaking strength, service life and wear resistance. Due to these properties, quenched and tempered steel is always used where high strength, yield strength and high toughness are required for highly stressed machine parts.

  • C 22 E, C35 E, C 45 E/➔ according to DIN EN 10132
  • Depending on the customer's requirements, we supply treatment states from soft annealed to high cold solidified.

Spring steel

Spring steel is a model of load-bearing capacity. Characteristic for this material group are homogeneous microstructures and optimal surfaces. It stands for above-average service life, dimensional stability and constant quality in every end product.

Spring steel obtains its special properties through special treatment in the production process, whereby the even distribution of the carbon content is of particular importance. It undergoes several rolling processes and repeated heat treatments in numerous work steps - this is how we guarantee optimum quality for your products!

  • C 67 S - C 100 S/➔ according to DIN EN 10132
  • Depending on the customer's requirements, we supply treatment states from soft annealed to high cold solidified.

Electrolytic Zinc Plating & ZPL (Zinc Plus Paint)

In addition to the product range of classic cold rolling mills, we can also offer our customers electrolytically galvanized strip. The zinc coating offers excellent corrosion protection:

In cooperation with our customers, we have developed a product that solves the problem of zinc abrasion in the processing of galvanized strips - ZPL (Zinc Plus Paint). An organic coating system is applied immediately after electrolytic galvanizing. This results in a colourless, uniform, highly lubricious layer with a dry film thickness of 0.50 - 3.00 µm, which can of course also be supplied in any desired colour.

ZPL offers the following advantages:

  • Further improvement of corrosion protection
  • Excellent sliding properties, preventing zinc abrasion in the tool
  • Reduced tool wear
  • Longer tool life
  • Oil-free processing is made possible
  • Coating and printable layer with "Anti Finger Print" properties

Economic efficiency through spooled metal strips

Our tasks also include joint process optimization with our customers in order to enable more efficient production and thus a reduction in set-up and downtimes.  Our spooling systems are a good example of this type of cooperation and continuous further development. We connect the strips using state-of-the-art welding technology and rewind them oscillating on a variety of spools

  • Strip widths from 1.5 mm up to 60 mm
  • Extension of the strip length to more than 200,000 meters in one strip depending  on the material
  • Individual laying widths from 100 to 400 mm
  • Special decoiling racks with decoiling widths of 800 mm and maximum decoiling weights of 2,500 kg