Stamped and punch-bend parts

We are specialists in the field of forming technology. Our product range extends from high-precision stamped parts to geometrically complex stamped-bent products. Whether cold rolled strip, stainless steel or aluminium, we process almost all materials, regardless of whether the metal strip is already coated or bare. The many years of experience of our employees and their knowledge of what is technically feasible, permit the best possible product solutions.

Due to our own R&D department and our in-house tool shop, we can offer our customers maximum flexibility and thus a decisive competitive advantage.  

Our special ability lies in the processing of metal strips pre-coated with adhesives.  With this material it is particularly important not to damage the surface mechanically whilst at the same time not to impair the ability to bond.  This skill enables us to supply stamped parts for bonding with rubber and/or thermoplastics, such as 

  • Vibration damping elements
  • spring elements
  • stabilizers
  • functional parts
  • components

We guarantee a functional workability of the product for 6 months after delivery.