Lanced and stamped metal carriers

Our ACP Group offers over 400 different variants of stamped and lanced metal carriers. These carriers are used in a wide variety of sealing systems.

Only high-quality raw materials such as steel, aluminium and stainless steel from certified suppliers are used for production.

The Huehoco Group also offers a wide range of coating options. From functional to decorative coatings, our customers can choose from a wide range of products. We offer suitable bonding agents for almost all types of rubber and plastic compounds.

Single Track

This common design has been used for decades and features limited flexibility, stability, good processing strength, and as much rigidity as required - all in one design.  These have typically been used in window seals. 

Double Track

This design features high tensile strength, limited flexibility, and as much rigidity as required.  Common in application that require movement in one plane or along one axis. 

Flex Carrier

Commonly used in door opening and trunk lid seals, this design offers good flexibility, movement in multiple planes and can be customized for neutral access placement and for specific bending requirements.   These parts are also usually considered to be more cost effective.


This design has been present for many years and is typically found in trunk lid seals.  Good flexibility in multiple axis and reduced “hungry horse” effect are key characteristics of this design. 

Stamped Carrier

This allows for the ultimate in customizing a product for any application.  Designs for tight cornering, weight reduction, increased I/E values, processing strength and precise end cutting are all available.  High speed dies used in high speed stamping presses make these very customizable parts.